Pôle Emploi

Rapport Annuel 2013 Pôle Emploi

What did the French employment centre do last year? Find out in their Annual Report.
The cool stuffs in this web edition are:

  • a cool design by L’Éclaireur
  • a half-dozen very detailed templates coded in less than a week (with the help of CWS Studio)
  • 44 content pages (source: Word files) integrated in less than a week
  • a nice infographic template
  • a no-CMS, no-DB website (IT requirement), NGINX-optimized configuration, SEO-friendly rewriting
  • a server-side only javascript search engine based on Tipue
  • Many server-side includes tricks, check out our new blog post about that!
  • LESS CSS with BEM syntax (mostly)

That’s how we pay tribute to 53,000 people.

CLIENT: Pôle Emploi
AGENCY: WordAppeal