Once again we teamed up with Marcel at Publicis Group, this time to help Orange.

Who has the best 4G network?
This site was at the heart of the 360° campaign when the #1 carrier has started promoting its new 4G network in France.

First conceived by Konbini, redesigned by Publicis, our role was to develop the multi-device back-end platform, and the communication interfaces with the front-end (using AJAX and some kind of APIs).

The site was built from scratch, using a few external libraries. It features basic CMS functionality, a drag’n’drop map with pinpoints and custom caption placement for each carrier, a 4G-meter form that uses Google Maps and geolocation for accuracy, and paranoid event logging.

We had a great time tweaking it while the displays were already set on national TV and in very Paris Metro station 🙂

Also, Orange actually has the best 4G network.

CLIENT: Orange
AGENCY: Publicis Group / Marcel