Back in 2008, we completed the development of the Virtual Museum of the Gulag Sound Archives, a coproduction by INED / CNRS / EHESS / CERCEC with the support of RFI and ANR (with our ex-friends at Accroche-com agency)

The Museum is always updated at and is visited by historians and enthusiasts worldwide.
The site was built using Drupal, and is available in French / English / Russian / Polish.

A few years later, the work continues. When Director of Studies Mr. Blum and Deputy Scientific Director Mrs Craveri contacted us to produce a working-basis database, we were enthusiastic.

This is an RDBMS (relational dabatabase) linking documents and hundreds of entries and meta-entries for them.

Our solid CakePHP-powered templates provide management capabilities at several levels and compatibility of each metadata with Dublin Core schema. This serious-looking database has been designed to offer the best capacity at the lower cost. This way, we hope that workers can spend their budget on doing  research.