Avec vous GrDF en marche

GrDF, the French brand leader in natural gas distribution, division of GDF Suez, launched a blog to engage conversation with its clients about energetic, environmental and societal topics.

It is based on WordPress. Although we did not code the WP Theme in the first place (Direct Interactive did), we have maintained it frequently over the years:

  • Mid 2009: new contact form, FlickR photo galleries
  • Late 2009: « Best rated » posts, new video player (templating)
  • Mid 2010: fixed the comments system
  • Late 2010: fixed a case where the banner picture could not be updated
  • Early 2011: post, form, and alerting for the game “Ce n’est qu’un début”
  • Mid 2011: added social sharing buttons, and fixed/updated the RSS feed
  • Late 2011: post, form, alerting, and CSV output for the game “Gaz à tous les étages”
  • Mid 2012: fixed the video tab
AGENCY: Pelham Editorial Consulting